About The Pixel Pen Review and My Approach as a Game Critic

The Pixel Pen Review is an online, video game review journal whose goal is to provide an unbiased and unprejudiced perspective into video games and their industry. Here, I understand the importance of not only a measured critique based on established standards, but also the importance of the experience.

Video games are interactive — they are meant to be fun, entertaining, and ever-evolving. The perception of these three elements is different for each player and cannot be captured in simple numerical values and one-dimensional critiques. The Pixel Pen Review strives to relay how the experience of playing the game feels and whether or not it is the right fit for you, not just strip it down to its bare components and give a narrow insight into these parts. This is why we urge readers to delve into the review with the final summary and rating as a recommendation rather than an absolute grade.

The Community and Us

At The Pixel Pen Review,  the community is an important part of our structure. With the ever-growing nature of the internet, we want to provide a place where multiple perspectives can gather on a particular game or gaming related subject and feel free to express their ideas. That is what we strive for.

On our website, we’re featuring a section called Vox Populi as well as our own opinion section called Pixel Points. This section is a forum for opinion articles — written by you — to be featured so that our readers can enjoy different perspectives other than our staff’s. We understand that sometimes the comments section just isn’t enough to fully articulate your opinion on a certain matter, so we invite you to join us. More information regarding the Vox Populi section can be found on the Contact Us page.

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