Resogun Review

Resogun is an independent exclusive for the Playstation 4 and one of the console’s flagship indie titles. More than just a singular release, however, Resogun also marks itself as a symbol of Sony’s promise to strengthen its relationship with the indie developers; it is the first in a long string of indie titles yet to follow. Now, I’m not a fan of most indie titles nor of the shoot-em-up genre, but Resogun’s level of polish, minimalism, and entertainment have found a niche in my heart that made this one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had on the PS4 so far. And if this is any indication for what the indie library will be like on PS4, well then, count me in.

Aesthetics (Story, Graphics, Sound)

First off, the graphics. What impressed me right off the bat was the atmosphere present in Resogun, a cyberpunk metropolitan shrouded in neon and haze. Although the game sports a pixelated, 2.5 dimensional art style, its minimalist  design fully utilizes the PS4 hardware to generate that cyberpunk atmosphere in a high-definition. In motion, Resogun‘s fluid framerate of 60fps ensures that graphical fidelity is not lost with the fast-paced, frantic action of the game, allowing the player to easily pinpoint each individual object on the screen. It’s a brilliant design which captivatesright from the start — from the very first explosion, like a radiant firework, to the end of the final boss. Absolutely gorgeous.

Just a night out on the town

Just a night out on the town.

Gameplay (Combat, Systems, Mechanics)

The goal of each level is pretty straightforward: rack up as many points and combos as you can by killing alien ships and saving the trapped humans. It’s a pretty standard design for a shoot-em-up arcade title, following in the footsteps of other shooters such as Ikaruga, Space Invaders, and Geometry Wars. Yet Housemarque, the developers, have included enough originality and refinement to make a standout title. Additionally, tight controls and balanced attacks and upgrades keep Resogun from failing where other shoot-em-ups  fall flat; plainly, it’s enjoyable and rarely becomes frustrating, achieving a hard to obtain balance commonly lost to the genre.

Welcome to Bullet Hell!

Reaching Bullet Hell in 3…2…1…

In addition, one facet of the gameplay that must be praised specifically is the combat design of the boss battles. Each boss battle feels like a towering struggle that tests your ability to maneuver with precision as well as strategically time your attacks. It is apparent how each boss battle was carefully and intricately engineered to fully make use of the 2.5-D aspect to deliver a dazzling but harrowing experience as you fight for your life on your last legs.

Is that Andross in the background?

Is that Andross in the background?

Final Summary

Resogun features a simple yet well-executed concept that is anything but simple to master. Stunning 16 bit-esque graphics mixed with a 2.5-D style world, running at a fluid 60 frames per second, creates a crystal clear, cyberpunk atmosphere that will impress for years to come. The gameplay is challenging yet enjoyable and never becomes too boring, repetitive or frustrating. It’s a marvelous addition/tribute to the arcade shooter genre and is sure to impress and captivate anyone who enjoys a good challenge. Resogun is very much worth the fifteen dollar standard retail price and a must have for all PS4 owners.

Final Score:  9 / 10

Written and edited by Tim Atwood
Chief Editor at The Pixel Pen Review


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